File Specifications

Send files in 8bit JPG or TIFF/TIF format. If saving as a tif, make sure it is flattened and do not use any Image Compression in the Photoshop save dialog (“None” should be selected in the tiff save options box)

  • We recommend working in sRGB color space (in all areas – camera capture, monitor, and software).
  • When shooting, do not use Auto White Balance, as it will result in inconsistent skin tones. In situations, where lighting is consistent (studio settings) choose a white balance to match your conditions, either by selecting a pre-set camera setting or setting proper Kelvin color temperature.
  • Select image mode 8bit/RGB (not CMYK). Be sure all B&W images are fully desaturated, then saved in RGB mode, not grayscale.

When saving your files –

  • Do not embed monitor or display profiles into your images. Only embed with common color space profiles that you photographed the image with (e.g. SRGB, Adobe1998). For users of Apple devices (Macs, iPhones, etc.), when exporting or saving your images from an OSX viewer/editor, please do not embed the DisplayP3 profile into your images, embed SRGB instead.
  • When saving as JPG always use the highest quality setting – in Photoshop that is 12 in the save dialog box.
  • If saving Tif files do not use any Image Compression in the save dialog box – select None if not already selected.

When naming your files –

  • Please use numbers only, or a combination of numbers and letters, no special characters.
  • Do not use spaces, use underscores instead.
  • Do not exceed 15 characters.

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