Shipping and Handling

UPS Shipping

A $10.35 per day shipping charge is added to your invoice.  We routinely group orders and schedule shipping days to provide you the best value.

  • Any package that incurs “oversize charges” from UPS will have oversize charges billed to the studio. (Typically $25-$35 in addition to daily charge)
  • Events and Underclass will be charged by weight of the outbound boxes – this replaces daily charge
  • Any item larger than UPS Ground Service Requirements (anything over 30×40) will incur all UPS fees or freight charges – please call or email for specific size and pricing. (We routinely seek the best option for your order based on current competitive vendor rates)

Drop Shipping and order fulfillment

If an order needs to be shipped to a location other than the studio, we will do so, charging the studio $16.00 per order. The invoice will reflect this charge and will be sent to the studio along with any ordering information.

Order Handling

Lenzart produces the highest quality finished products for studios all across the U.S. Each and every order is handled with the utmost care and attention. We carefully review each order for any specialized requests using high quality materials every step along the way. A charge $1.90 per order is added to your work to help ensure a quick, accurate, and safe delivery of every single item. Our remake % last year was under 1% and our damage % for each of the last 3 years was under half a percent!

Damage In Transit

In the rare event of a damaged box:

  • Phone us immmediately and we will begin the claim procedure. Please do not refuse the package, or ship it back without a phone call. This could result in the refusal of the damage claim. New prints would then have to be produced at full charge.
  • Save all damaged prints and packing materials. They will be picked up and examined by the delivery service.

Having followed this procedure we will be able to replace your damaged order, in the shortest time possible, at no cost to you.

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