Standard Pro, Studio Corrected

Standard Pro

Standard Pro prints are the choice of most professional photographers, as they give you the best product from your files and save you all the time of file adjustment at the studio. The lab will fully correct your file for color, density, saturation and contrast, and match skin tones from pose to pose. A full complement of additional finishing services are available, making this time-saving product “ready to deliver”!

  • Prints are available in either 8×10 units (uncut) or individual prints.
  • Print sizes up to 20×30 are printed on Kodak photographic, E surface Endura paper. Prints larger than 20×30 are archival giclee prints on satin paper (they will match very closely, but a perfect match can not be guaranteed).
  • Even more sizes are available – see Lenzart ROES Prints and Finishes catalog for a complete list of print sizes. If there is a print size you need, but it is not in our list, select the next size up. Activate Design Tools and draw a box on the template to the exact size you need. Drop your image into this box and add it to your order.
  • In Lenzart ROES, Standard Pro Prints catalog.

Studio Corrected

For studios that have the time and inclination to do their own color correction and file manipulation, this service is “direct output”. Printed on Kodak E surface paper, Studio Corrected prints will allow for most finishing services. We assume all decisions have been made by the studio, so there will be no adjustments at the lab. (No remakes are available here except in the case of material defect.)

  • Direct output on Kodak E surface Endura paper with no adjustments (studio has corrected files)
  • Will allow for most finishing services
  • Redo’s are not possible for any photographic reason – only physical damage will qualify
  • In Lenzart ROES, go to the Studio Corrected Prints catalog.


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