Retouching & Finishing Services


Our highly experienced, in-house staff will help you put the finishing touches on your beautiful images.

Digital Retouching

In order to take your images from good to outstanding, you have your choice among a variety of Digital Retouching options, ranging from the Basic Retouch to Deluxe Facial Retouch, our team will focus on the retouching aspects you have chosen.

Finishing, Mounting and Texturing Options

One of the advantages of being a great boutique lab is our wide variety of print finishing services. With Lenzart, your options range from traditional canvas mounting (yes, by peeling the emulsion before mounting), all the way to today’s contemporary print finishing options of bevel board, gator foam mounts and standout mounts. Choose among a variety of coating and texture options, including embossed texture, texture spray, brush stroke, and lacquer spray.

Hot Gold & Silver Stamping

When placing your order with Lenzart, consider adding your clients’ names or the name of your studio to prints. From wallet prints to large prints, Lenzart offers custom stamping options. Simply provide us with your logo or client name, print sizes and the placement that you’re looking for and we’ll provide a custom die for your studio logo for the lab to use according to your special request.

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