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About Lenzart Lab

Where are you located?
Lenzart Professional Lab is located in Buffalo New York, proudly serving our customers nationwide for over 50 years.

How can I talk to a live person?
We have several ways you can reach us.

Ordering with Lenzart

How do I get started ordering?
It’s easy to get started ordering.  Once we receive your information we’ll set you up with an account and you’ll be on your way.

Where do I find information for your products and services?
Lenzart offers a wide range of products and services from prints to retouching to books & albums and so much more.  Check out all of products and services options throughout our website.

How can I see the prices on your website?

If you haven’t set up an account yet, go to “Get Started” and we will quickly get you the username and password information you need to view prices, various support topics and special offers.

What types of payment do you accept?
Lenzart currently accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

What do I need to do to prepare my files to send to you?
We have comprised easy to follow instructions on how to prepare your files…read more.

Do I need to send you color corrected files?
No you do not need to color correct your files. Lenzart Standard Pro prints…read more.

How can I check my order status?
If you have questions regarding your order status (or anything else) just give our friendly customer service team a call at 800-826-2624 – we will be happy to help!

Can I cancel or change my ROES order?
ROES orders enter production as soon as they are received.  Every attempt will be made to honor your request for an additional handling charge of $5 per order.  However, any completed components will be charged for.  For these reasons, please ensure that your order is correct before submitting.

How can I make ordering prints from my events easier and faster?
 Use Lenzart ROES Events and SAVE HOURS OF WORKread more.

Turnaround Time and Shipping/Handling

What is your turn around time?
“Basic orders are usually turned around in one day.  See our full Production Schedule.

Do you have a minimum order charge?
Lenzart does have a minimum order charge of $15.  To help avoid this try grouping smaller orders together – you’ll save on the packing and handling that way too.

What do you charge for shipping my orders to me?
An $8.95 per day shipping charge is added to your invoice. We routinely group orders and schedule shipping days to provide you with the best value…read more.

Do you have a packing and handling charge?
Lenzart ships work to many states, from the northeast seaboard to the west coast of California…read more.

Do you offer rush services?
If an order needs to be rushed, please place a call to Customer Service to make sure production will be able to meet your deadline…read more.

Products and Services

What types of products do you offer for events?
Lenzart has a wide range of products to choose from…read more.

Do you do Underclass?
Lenzart Specializes in Underclass Business and services…read more.

Can you help me with my marketing?
All of us that have been experiencing whirlwind changes in the photographic industry realize that…read more.

Do you sell card products?
Lenzart offers many card designs, all simply and easily at your fingertips in ROES…read more.

How do I add my studio logo to my prints?
Easily add your logo to digital files for print orders…read more.

Do you print on metallic paper?
Yes, metallic finish paper is available up to 20×30 – add 20% to our list prices and make your request in special instructions in Lenzart ROES. View pricing.

Do you die cut wallets?
Wallets ordered in sheets of 4 or 8 are available for die cutting. View pricing.

Can I get my event wallets die cut?
Yes – unlike many labs, Lenzart will die cut your event wallets at your request…read more.

Will you do the foldering for my events?
Lenzart offers full service foldering of your event 5x7s and 8x10s.  Giving you a quick, clean ready to deliver product. View pricing.

Can you create school id cards?
Yes – Lenzart’s Underclass services and school service items will help you “stand out from the crowd” on delivery day…read more.

Can you create school administration or yearbook cds?
“Yes – From quick turn around, beautiful finished prints, administration booklets and labels to Yearbooks, Admin CDs, and School Id cards, Lenzart can help you be the school’s photographer of choice year after year...read more.

Do you sell class composites?
Yes – class composites are a popular item for our Underclass studios – available with multiple background choices and a variety of sizes. View pricing. 

What types of mounting options do you have?
One of the advantages of being a great boutique lab is our wide variety of print finishing services…read more.

Do you have album templates available?
Lenzart has dozens of book and album templates available – check them out in ROES or download from our website.

Do you sell lay flat books or albums?
Lenzart has several album and book options available.  Our Classic Photo Cover Lay Flat Albums have many sizes and page configurations available…read more.

Do you offer custom printing services?
Yes, custom printing services can be added to any file (available in the retouch options in Lenzart ROES).

Our highly experienced staff will balance faces, burn down corners, hot spots and other distractions to give your image that truly “best of show” quality that will set you apart.

How often do you update your pricing?
Lenzart strives to hold price increases to a minimum – but be advised that all prices are subject to change without notice.