Custom Printing Service

Available now as an option under retouching, this service gives you a tremendous quality upgrade for very little cost. No need to coach us on how to upgrade, as we’ve done this custom “magic” for many years.

We’ll enhance your images in any of the following ways that are appropriate to create an even more beautiful result:

Basic Custom Service

  • Detailed color and density correction
  • Burn down hot spots
  • Hold dark areas for detail
  • Darken corners
  • Burn foreground when appropriate
  • Balance skin tones in group photos

Advanced Custom Service

  • All of the Basic items, plus
  • Saturation and contrast adjustments, both overall and selective
  • Selective color correction (for example, sun-burned faces neutralized)
  • Clothing tonal improvements
  • Improvements in facial highlights and/or lighting ratios




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Basic Custom Treatment15.45 per file
Advanced Custom Treatment25.75 per file