Giclee Prints

Giclee Prints

Looking for a way to turn your photography into something exquisite? Then you must try Lenzart’s Giclee Fine Art prints. Every file is adjusted and color corrected as needed, and then printed on a large format ink jet printer using archival inks and substrates. The 7-color ink process produces images that are rich and vibrant, with a smooth and continuous tone. Choose Giclee Matte printed on rich matte paper, Giclee Satin printed on top quality satin paper, or Giclee Watercolor printed on a heavy, textured paper to create unique, artistic prints.

The giclee printing process provides a broader color gamut and better color accuracy than other means of photographic reproduction. Capable of producing incredibly detailed prints for both the fine art and photographic markets, giclee printing is an elevation in printmaking technology.

All are available in Lenzart ROES, Fine Art Giclee Catalog

Giclee Matte – A fantastic “fibre based alternative”

Fiber based alternative photo prints are known and loved by all of the photographic industry, whether you were an avid fibre based user in film days or not. The media just shouts – top notch, high quality, archival life and oh-so striking!

Our Giclee Matte prints are the closest thing we’ve found to matching old time fibre based prints. Its known and loved by some of the country’s best B&W and historical photographers. The weight and subtle texture are very similar to fibre base and can be printed in tones to create the look you want. Do you like your B&W a slight warm tone, a rich sepia or completely neutral? With our giclee matte paper all of that is possible at unbelievably cost effective prices!

As with all of our print services, you can add retouching, artwork, borders, artistic edges, text …right in our easy Lenzart ROES ordering system.

  • Inkjet printing on a rich matte paper resulting in fiber based alternative photo prints
  • Giclee matte prints look great in any tone– color, B&W, sepia, slight warm tone
  • Add retouch or artwork, borders or artistic edges to create some true art pieces
  • Many sizes are available and custom sizes are available too. Standard print sizes are 5×5 thru 40×60 custom sizes and oversize prints are available also (maximum 42″ width by any length).

Giclee Satin Prints

Art gallery quality prints using archival inks on satin paper that has a lustre resembling RC photographic paper.

  • Top quality satin paper and inkjet printing combine to make high quality prints
  • Standard print sizes are 5×5 thru 40×60, custom sizes and oversize prints are available also (maximum 42″ width by any length)
  • Archival inks ensure tremendously long life
  • All prices include UV coating for longevity and protection
  • Options include retouch, and choice of tones and artistic edges, all in our easy Lenzart ROES ordering system

Giclee Watercolor Prints

Lenzart’s high quality giclee fine art printing on watercolor paper gives studios a high end alternative, allowing them to “branch out” into a signature line of work.

These giclee prints are produced on a gorgeous, textured, off-white 90lb watercolor stock using archival inks. Extreme care is taken with color correction, retouching, border treatments, and any options you request (color correction is always included in the giclee fine art printing price). Your final art piece is viewed by skilled professionals under color corrected lighting conditions to ensure the best fine art product available.

  • Standard print sizes are 5×5 thru 40×60 as standard
  • Custom sizes and oversize prints are available also (maximum 42” width by any length)
  • Printing substrate is high quality, beautifully textured 90lb watercolor stock
  • Archival inks ensure tremendously long life
  • All prices include UV coating for longevity and protection
  • Special finishes and treatments are numerous – spot color, retouch, painter effect, even hand torn deckle edges are available!


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