Proofing & Presentation Ideas


Creative presentations are a revenue source!

We offer a complete selection of proof products to satisfy a wide variety of client preferences. Proofing options are still a great REVENUE STREAM, so keep them as a part of your strategic marketing plan. Available in Lenzart ROES in the Proofing catalog.

Individual Proofs

Available in a variety of sizes, Lenzart can provide you with individual proofs that display your studio logo. We offer several artistic edges, tones and textures to choose from for a great, rich looking product that will discourage copying.

Photo Proof Books

Profits will soar when you use these photo proof books to augment sales. They’re great brag books for families, excellent flip books for high school seniors and a unique bonus product. Everyone will want this product, so package it accordingly. It’s no longer a photo proof book, it’s a cool new product and a must-have incentive level item!

Press Printed Proof Books

Press Printed Proof Books are printed on high quality 28 lb. stock paper in a variety of artistic edges and tones. Choose to include 4, 6 or 9 images per page, or design your own layout for an entirely personalized product.

Magazine Proof Books

When you order Magazine Proof Books from Lenzart, your images will be printed on photographic paper pages using the layout of your choice. Choose between basic pages or editable background pages which allow you to put an image of your own into the background or fill it with any color. With many pre-designed covers to choose from, the option to design your own cover, and your choice or artistic edges, tones and embossed textures, your Magazine Proof Book will be a completely personalized product.

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