The Importance of Networking At Weddings

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Every Bride And Groom Needs A Helping Hand

As a wedding photographer, you know more than anyone how much time and effort goes into a wedding. From the moment she says “Yes!” to the moment they say “I do!” there are endless hours of planning and preparation: taste testings to find that dream wedding cake, design time to craft the perfect invitation, dance lessons to make the bride and groom light on their feet. There are colors to be picked, suits and dresses to be ordered, flowers to be arranged, and a schedule to be honed.

While you cannot help a bride decide what table to stick chatty Aunt Cathy at, you are in a unique position to assist the bride-to-be in other ways. A three-tier cake doesn’t magically appear out of thin air. A bride can’t expect her cousin to DJ the dancing with his new iPod touch. And the groom can’t be in the photo and taking them at the same time. But what do these things have in common aside from their association with weddings? They all require a vendor who specializes in their field.

The Importance of Networking With Other Wedding Vendors

Networking is about building relationships. It’s about creating an emotional connection with other vendors who may seek your services in the future or promote your studio to clients seeking a professional photographer for the Big Day. People want to do business with people they know, whose work they recognize, and whose professionalism and high quality results they can count on. Unlike networking your studio in your community to increase sales, networking at a wedding is beneficial in two key ways.

First, It Solidifies Your Standing In The Wedding Industry

In this day and age, wedding photographers are in high-demand, in a highly competitive market, now that social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest showcase stunning, envy-inducing pictures of the glowing bride and groom. Every couple wants photo keepsakes to immortalize their wedding day. Take advantage of the opportunity provided and connect with other vendors working the wedding scene, from the planner to the venue, to the DJ, to the bouquet deliverer, and beyond. Anyone and everyone involved has the potential to become a networking asset.

If you don’t have the opportunity to interact one-on-one (or even if you do) celebrate other vendors by tagging them in photos and posts you share online after your bride and groom have had a chance to relive their wedding day through your photographs. Take the extra time to highlight a vendor who may have built a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, or to thank the venue for providing such an attractive aesthetic for dinner and dancing, or the floral shop who compiled the perfect bouquet of ranunculus, baby’s breath, and greenery. You never know where your next referral will come from so never waste an opportunity to make a great impression and grow your network. Carry business cards to pass on to other vendors, wear a dress shirt or carry a camera bag embroidered with your studio logo, and don’t be shy about approaching other people. Odds are, they’ll be happy to network with you for potential referrals!

Second, It Transforms You Into An Avenue Connecting Brides With Other Vendors

Think of the last wedding you attended. Was the food delicious? Did the music get people dancing? Did the ceremony run smoothly? If the answer to any of these questions was “no” then the next question is who was at fault, the bride and groom or the vendor? Again, a wedding requires endless hours of preparation and planning, so when something goes wrong, people take notice. They also notice if a cake is particularly tasty or if the photographer is capturing those essential candid shots of guests having a good time. Working a wedding gives you the distinct advantage of coming in contact with vendors of all mediums. Make an extra effort to network this wedding season so that next year when the bride-to-be hires you to capture her wedding, you can act as a channel to connect her with other vendors and put her mind at ease.

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