Banners & Flags


Promotional banners are eye catching, easy to use and reusable for months to come. The 17×24 banners are great for high school seniors (they fit perfectly in lockers!).  Use the designer flags outside – they are weather resistant and have a rod pocket on top to fit perfectly on lawn flag stands.

Display Banners

Photographic display banners are the most strikingly beautiful and cost effective display product to come down the pike in years. These inkjet based, waterproof vinyl banners are the kind of high quality product that, years ago, would have only been available from some type of “specialty house”. Now, you can get these banners quickly and easily through Lenzart.

Designer Flags

Printed on extremely durable material, designer flags are a great idea with endless applications
Consider flags for birthday parties, graduation parties, sporting events, open house events…all kinds of celebrations!

7×24 Locker Banners

When you order Locker Banners from Lenzart, you’ll be able to choose from 2 designs, floral or stone, or create your own. These are sure to make a long-lasting impression!

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