Review Your Goals

Review the year objectively and specifically. How did it compare to your plan of attack, and how closely did you meet your goals?

  • Create an action plan.
    • Is your goal higher gross sales or higher profit (or both)?
    • Do you need to reach more potential clients or do a better “closing” with the potential clients you have?
    • Do you plan to make a good portion of your sales from repeat clients? Remember, some of the most successful portrait studios chalk up as much as 70% of their gross sales to repeat clientele. Build that potential into your marketing.
  • Who is your ideal client? You cannot truly plan your marketing until you’ve identified your target. Yes, it sounds simple, but it may be the single most challenging question right now. Prosumers and advanced amateurs are actively creating a niche for themselves with digital capture. Those facts will force changes in your own plan of action.
  • Speaking of professionalism, it’s your total package. Consider the appearance of your studio, displays and website. How friendly is your website and phone presence?
  • It’s all about service. Photographic products are everywhere, but fantastic service is still hard to find. Ask your clients to help you with a studio “report card”, then listen. There’s always gold in a client’s response.

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