Show Big to Sell Big

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Successful Selling

Selling is an integral part of running a photography business, regardless if you love or hate it. As your chosen print lab, we at Lenzart want to give you the best chance at success, hence our growing list of tips for improving sales!

Let’s review:

  1. People love to buy and they love to buy emotionally.
  2. Showcase samples of your products and work because you need people to believe in your product to invest in it.
  3. Selling in-person adds to the overall consumer experience and leads to larger sales.
  4. Offer products that will connect with your clients, such as our EZ Books (a modern photo album) or Canvas Gallery Wraps.
  5. Promote your deals, discounts, and promotions across all channels, digital and print.

Now, we have another tip to add to your marketing repertoire: Show big to sell big.

It’s Time To Go Big

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: go big or go home. When it comes to printing photographs, most clients default to one of four sizes: wallets, 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10. These generic print sizes are perfect for fitting inside craft store frames, popping in the mail to relatives, or carrying around in your purse. And yet, these small prints don’t always display your images in the best light.

As a photographer, you could spend years honing your craft and still find room for growth and improvement. Times change. Trends change. One thing that doesn’t change is the desire to capture and document our lives. In an era where social media dominates, the demand for beautiful, high-quality photos remains high. Competition with other studios in your community also remains high, creating an ongoing challenge for winning over your target audience. Hence our encouragement to invest in great samples you can keep and display right in your photo studio.  And like we said in “Turn Your Photographs Into Fine Art,” sometimes “bigger” really is “better!”

Show Big To Sell Big

Limiting your samples to small print sizes and a handful of specialty products does a disservice. Clients need a helping hand when it comes to buying. They need guidance, incitement, and reassurance that their decision is smart. If you don’t provide a visual for large prints, there is a very strong chance your clients will overlook them.

A knockout photograph, beautifully printed and displayed in your studio, can almost sell itself. Displaying large photos in your studio:

  • Showcases your skill.
  • Creates demand.
  • Provides a subtle opening to discuss print prices.
  • Inspires clients to choose larger prints to hang at home.

Large photo prints also make excellent attention grabbers for marketing at events and trade shows!

Again, “showing” is such a valuable marketing tool and you should always take advantage of any opportunity that might result in better sales.

At Lenzart Photographic Lab, we strive to provide you with high-quality print products, large and small, that help you showcase your talent and make it easier to sell your work. When you need a print lab, choose a lab that puts you first, and choose Lenzart!