Strategy & Tactics

Identify your primary goal, then build your strategy and tactics surrounding that goal.

Your strategy will relate specifically to a goal, the tactics will be your specific steps. One step at a time, doing the small steps every day, will move you to your goal.

Studio Strategy

Sample Tactics

Upgrade/ Change my studio image from “old-fashioned” and boring to cutting edge

  • New logo
  • Tie all visual pieces of image together (business cards, letterheads, newsletters)
  • Make studio website an information hub for clients (free information is the most frequently used value of websites)
  • social network presence – add a blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos, ect.

Create more “buzz” about my work

  • Open house at the studio
  • Introduce my referral plan to clients
  • Create a calendar of community events of which I will be a participant and/or a sponsor
  • Pre-holiday party / gift certificates

More visibility in community

  • Charity auctions
  • Television fundraisers – donate generously
  • Sponsor public events
  • Co-market with other community businesses that share my goals
  • Appear in the places and “on the walls” where my ideal clients frequent (kid’s clothing boutiques, country clubs, etc)

Increase average sale session from $___ to $___

  • Analyze what product or service (or group of products) will add up to my target dollar amount
  • Launch new product with a chosen client focus group
  • Build incentive level packages that are designed for the best value at your target sale level
  • Promote that “Best value / wise choice” option everywhere
  • Create irresistible timely offers
  • Sell a new item on speculation (produce it at your expense, offer it after the sale as a special offer)

Increase holiday sales

  • Theme days for easy gift giving
  • One day sales – book NOW for discount
  • Gift certificates at awesome prices (with appropriate deadlines)
  • Plant the seed about special portraiture. I specialize in: multi-generational, pet, milestone birthday, special location
  • Holiday cards (huge opportunity for sales and advertising)
  • Last minute sales
  • Open house in mid-December to solve a dilemma for all my last minute shoppers with awesome gift options