Support FAQ

What are the system requirements to run the LenzartROES Client?
There are only minimal system requirements to run this software. As with any program, the faster the computer, the faster and more efficient LenzartROES will run. You do need a broadband internet (DSL, Cable or Fiber) connection since LenzartROES will use your connection to upload the orders to us.

PC users – You must have a currently supported version of Windows installed on your PC.  We also recommend at least 8 GB of RAM. 

MAC users – You must have at least OS 10.15 installed on your MAC.  We also recommend at least 8 GB of RAM. 

The Lenzart ROES Client is freezing or crashing error upon installation. How do I get past this?

ROES install issue for PC
  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. In the Search box type C:\ProgramData and hit Enter
  3. In the resulting window find the folder named SWROES and delete it.
  4. Retry the installer.
ROES launch/install issue for Mac
Give these steps a try and see if it resolves the issue. If not, let us know.
  1. Select “Finder” in the apple menu
  2. Select “Go”
  3. Select “Go To Folder”
  4. In the resulting window, type ~/.ROESEngineCache
  5. click OK/Open
  6. When the new window opens, select all the files within it and send to Trash
  7. Re-Download and run the Launch.dmg file from here

What characters cannot be used in image file names or text nodes?
Our print production software will refuse certain characters. It is best to avoid the use of any special characters when filling in a text node,special instructions and/or in image file names. The only safe characters are underscore or a hyphen .
I am seeing some images in the Lenzart ROES Client turn dark, red, or not appearing at all when trying to put them into a product - what causes this?
Different cameras and their image extraction software will occasionally embed a non-RGB colorspace (like CMYK or proprietary ones) or add EXIF header data. In these cases, while the thumbnails appear fine, Java is unable to render the full image into a product – they will appear darkened, hued, or not render at all. Converting these images to standard sRGB in Photoshop and/or removing the EXIF header data will allow the image to be rendered in a product.

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