Using Free Templates

magplaquesRemember to check out all of Lenzart’s free templates that will truly save you hours of design time.  Look for the huge variety of templates available throughout our ROES catalogs – like Trader Cards, Greeting Cards, Memory Mates, and more.

All of these templates can be personalized to meet your client’s needs.

All this variety means that your template possibilities are endless…But – any of your uniquely designed studio templates can be saved as well. After creating a template, click the Favorites button in the Design Tools and name the template pressing Enter after you type the name.  This will save the template to the Favorites section.

Don’t forget to “personalize” the look.  If your client has a color theme, an invitation to be included, a favorite phrase or poem – include it.  This type of personalization will help your services stand out.

Brainstorm some unique “touches”.  Your design backgrounds can come from all types of sources.  Handmade papers, scenic images, fabric, even wallpaper!

Good design pieces tend to be clean, simple and consistent. The whole idea is to communicate – a feeling, a message, an idea – make sure that is what you are doing. There are tons of designs elements that can be used, don’t feel you have to use all of them.

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