Studio Marketing Ideas

Studio Marketing Ideas

All of us that have been experiencing whirlwind changes in the photographic industry realize that something changes every minute of every day. As the saying goes, “change is our constant”. It takes a certain mind set to stay pumped up by that change, versus being flustered or frustrated.

One of the biggest changes is in professional marketing strategy. No longer is it enough to depend on word of mouth, or to display just one type of studio sample line. The competition is fierce, so your strategy needs to be sharp, well planned and refreshed often. Here are a few thought starters for reviewing your goals and marketing plan.


Review Your Goals

Review the year objectively and specifically. How did it compare to your plan of attack, and how closely did you ...

Bundling Services

Differentiate Yourself by Bundling Services Create options for your clients that are fun, professional, creative, and mostly, products (that are ...

Build a Strategic Plan

Your Steps to an Organized, Strategic Studio Plan First, take a block of time to consider these important foundational questions ...