Turn Your Photographs Into Fine Art

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Think Like An Interior Designer (Again)

Whether or not you embraced one of the newest interior design trends, Museum Prints, it’s important to understand the significance and appeal of wall art in interior design. Wall art should never be treated as an afterthought. It compliments any design theme, fills empty space by adding depth, color, and texture, and when artfully chosen and arranged, adds cohesion and can make the entire room. Wall art benefits every design by:

• Providing a color scheme
• Creating a focal point
• Setting the tone for the room
• Adding a dynamic look using patterns and texture
• Giving the room a finished appearance

What better artwork to showcase than your client’s favorite family portraits!

Exquisite Artwork Your Client’s Will Adore

Again: The best artwork is one that is highly personal. Family photos add character and warmth to a room and make a home feel like home.

You work hard to perfect your photography skills, from composing the shot to the final edit, and you want to showcase your photographs in the best possible light. Sometimes “bigger” really is “better”. A 5×7 print doesn’t show the same amount of detail. It doesn’t have the same “wow” factor that makes people stop and stare. Transform your photography into exquisite artwork and turn your client’s favorite photographs into something truly special when you add Giclee Fine Art Prints to your product catalog.

Giclee Fine Art Prints

Lenzart’s giclee fine art printing process provides a broader color gamut, making it capable of producing incredibly detailed prints. When you order giclee prints, we adjust and color correct every file as needed, and then print using a large format ink jet printer using archival inks and substrates. The 7-color ink process produces images that are rich and vibrant, with a smooth and continuous tone.

Giclee Matte Prints come printed on rich matte paper. These fiber-based alternative photo prints are especially great for black and white or rich sepia photographs.

Giclee Satin Prints come on top quality satin paper. These art gallery quality prints use archival inks to ensure a tremendously long life.

Giclee Watercolor Prints come on a heavy, textured paper, to create unique, artistic prints. These high-end alternative prints also use archival inks and are viewed by skilled professionals under color corrected lighting conditions to ensure the best fine art product available.

Learn more about our print options here.

Bonus Tip: Impress Your Clients As Soon As They Walk In The Door

Don’t just treat Giclee Fine Art Prints as a selling point. These striking prints can also serve as impressive wall art in your photography studio! Showcase your best work throughout your studio and remind clients why your photography bests the competition.

Lenzart Photographic Lab is here to provide you with high-quality print products that showcase your photography. When you need a print lab that puts you first, choose Lenzart!