In the spirit of our “we’re all in this together” philosophy, we’ve assembled information
from our print technicians, digital experts, and design team to help you get better results, in less time.


Design Tips

We have many products in Lenzart ROES that you can create unique, one-of-a-kind designs for using either the easy Design Your Own tools or an outside software like Photoshop. Make funky senior rep cards, adorable Baby’s First Year books, stunning composites – the list is endless. There are a few design do’s and don’ts that we’d like to share with you so that you get the most out of your time and investment.

Using Free Templates

Remember to check out all of Lenzart's free templates that will truly save you hours of design time.  Look for ...
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All About Fonts

One of the best upgrades in Lenzart ROES is the FREE Font Tool option in the Design Tools.  Using this ...
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General Design Tips

The number one problem we see is putting critical elements too close to the edge of the templates which results ...
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Studio Marketing Ideas

All of us that have been experiencing whirlwind changes in the photographic industry realize that something changes every minute of every day. As the saying goes, “change is our constant”. It takes a certain mind set to stay pumped up by that change, versus being flustered or frustrated.

One of the biggest changes is in professional marketing strategy. No longer is it enough to depend on word of mouth, or to display just one type of studio sample line. The competition is fierce, so your strategy needs to be sharp, well planned and refreshed often. Here are a few thought starters for reviewing your goals and marketing plan.

Review Your Goals

Review the year objectively and specifically. How did it compare to your plan of attack, and how closely did you ...
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Bundling Services

Differentiate Yourself by Bundling Services Create options for your clients that are fun, professional, creative, and mostly, products (that are ...
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Build a Strategic Plan

Your Steps to an Organized, Strategic Studio Plan First, take a block of time to consider these important foundational questions ...
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Preparing Digital Files

These requirements are basic and necessary for most portrait labs in order to use the various printing software and equipment which are available. If these steps are not followed, and production must manipulate or adjust your files in order to fulfill your printing requests, additional time will be necessary and additional charges will be applied to your order.

Of course we understand if you need help getting started – just let us know. We’ll be happy to do a few test orders step by step to insure the basic procedure is in place.

File Specifications

Send files in 8bit JPG or TIFF/TIF format. If saving as a tif, make sure it is flattened and do not use ...
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Send files in 8bit JPG or TIFF/TIF format. If saving as a tif, make sure it is flattened and do not ...
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File Size and Resolution

Resolution is the amount of detail captured in any given image. It is determined by the number of pixels present ...
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If you’re planning to simply use the crop tool in Lenzart ROES, then use the high resolution jpeg (or converted ...
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Exposure is critical. You may choose to shoot RAW and allow yourself a plus/minus 2 stop latitude that is correctable, ...
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Production Schedule

Production Schedule Listed below is a general "turnaround time" schedule. Should you have a specific date that an order needs ...
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Rush Service

Rush Service If an order needs to be rushed, please place a call to Customer Service to make sure production ...
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Look Who’s Talking

Lenzart strives to provide the very best for all our clients, big and small. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about their experience using Lenzart!

Green Photography

“Lenzart is such an intensely sensitive and caring lab - in every way. The work is just wonderful, but it’s the ...
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K Hart Photography and Design

“Everyone at Lenzart is totally amazing! They have been our partner in helping us create a successful studio business, and ...
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Creteau’s Photography

“We love being Lenzart clients! We were discussing today that the last 5 years with Lenzart have just been so amazing, ...
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Lynn A. Damon, Photographic Artist

“Lenzart is fantastic, and I love them! All of my work from them (since 1990!) has been truly beautiful, and anytime ...
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